Chaplain Application

Minimum Requirements


  • Formal ordination or licensing by a recognized church or denomination of churches, and be a member in good standing and endorsed for the Chaplaincy by a recognized religious denomination. We encourage ordination, licensing or commissioning of women, as some situations a woman may be more effective than a man and her service should be obtained.
  • Three years of formal graduate or post-graduate theological training in a recognized school or seminary recognized school or seminary OR at least 10 (ten) years of active ministerial experience, preferably in a pastoral role, under the supervision of a properly constituted church.
  • Credentials and/or Certification from a nationally recognized chaplains association (i.e. International Conference of Police Chaplains; American Police Chaplains Association; Federation of Fire Chaplains, or associations of equal or higher standards of credentialing.) [OR the willingness to obtain such credentialing in a timely manner]
  • Endorsement for chaplaincy from a properly constituted church or religious body attesting to the moral and ethical character of the applicant and their willingness to oversee that person’s life and conduct.
  • Adherence to the rules of confidentiality as set forth by the State of Texas.
  • Be tactful and considerate in his/her approach to all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed or religion.
  • Upon becoming a FBCFRCA chaplain, fulfill the basic service requirements of being on-call to provide emergency crisis response for a minimum of one 24 hour period per month, (if an LEO Chaplain – doing a minimum of one ride-along per month at an assigned agency); attending scheduled in-service training and completing and timely submitting a monthly field activity report.
  • Must possess a valid Texas Driver’s License and proof of automobile insurance.
  • Must have a current health insurance policy in effect.


A FBCFRCA Chaplains must possess all of the above and be willing to be screened by the FBCFRCA board of directors before appointment. Screening consists of an application endorsement, background check, resume and interview. A quorum of the Board shall screen all applicants. Finger printing by either the assigned agency or the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office will be included.

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